We want to be your top-choice

American resturant.

Your satisfaction is our top priority! With fresh ingredients, we pour our hearts into achieving that delicious, smokey taste each day that will leave you wanting more or wanting it all to yourself! You've never known southern comfort quite like this. From slow-cooked, smoked chicken to beef brisket resting beautifully on a pile of fresh tortilla chips, you will want to tell everyone about the goodness of the best restaurant around. 


We strive to make dining with us an easy, fun and comfortable experience for all of our customers. You may come in as a stranger but you will leave as a friend! 

Please visit our Contact Us page to inquire about reservations for large parties, catering or event hosting.


Riverdale Business Hours

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 11am - 5pm

Wednesday: 11am - 5pm

Thursday: 11am - 5pm

Friday: 11am - 5pm

Saturday: 11am - 3pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Grilled Beef

Olive Branch Business Hours


Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 11am - 7pm

Wednesday: 11am - 7pm

Thursday: 11am - 7pm

Friday: 11am - 7pm

Saturday: 11am - 7pm

Sunday: CLOSED