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Alex Farms is a family-owned and operated restaurant built on the threefold cord: Faith, Family, and Food. 

15 years ago, God led Patriarch Darwin Henderson to create a smoked chicken salad recipe. The first public serving of this dynamic recipe was in 2007, for his son's fifth grade with triumphant results. Thus began the story of our flagship product that would go on to be named the best chicken salad in the Mid-South! 

With the help of Co-Owner Kyra Henderson and daughter Kyla "Alex" Henderson (whose namesake Alex Farms bears), our Hickory Smoked Chicken Salad began circulating and selling out around the Memphis metropolitan area. Upon high demand and with the support of the community, Alex Farms was able to first open shop in 2015. 

With our smoked chicken salad as our flagship product, Alex Farms now has two locations located in Memphis, TN, and Olive Branch, MS. The key to our success having faith in God, faith in family, and continuously being the place "where the smoke changes the game!"  

We strive to make every visit for you feel at home by treating and feeding you well! We want to be a place where you can come and enjoy great food with a great atmosphere, bring family, and have peace of mind. 

See you soon! 




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